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Technical planning firm for refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation in the industrial sector

About us

WALASIAK GmbH was established in 2006 with a focus on engineering and consulting.

  • Knowledge & Experience

    The most important start-up capital was knowledge and decades of experience in the field of safety technology in mining and tunnelling industry, scientific work in simulation of climatic conditions underground, expert work in the German mining industry, as well as the examination of technical facilities in industrial and public buildings. A further background is given by the activities as a coordinator for EU research projects and responsible tests on refrigeration machines and components in the context of certification programs.

  • Ambition & Aim

    Our ambition and our aim were and are to be competent partners for our customers by providing tailor-made and optimal solutions.

  • There for you

    The managing director and his team will always have time for our customers.


Services for mining and tunneling and other industries


Mining and tunnelling

  • Determination of required cooling capacities and air quantities to keep within climatic limit values and for the removal or dilution of hazardous gases
  • Climatic simulations for the determination of climatic conditions underground using an officially recognized software
  • Designing air-cooling and ventilation concepts and dimensioning of the required components
  • Hydraulic calculations also for water networks
  • Designing monitoring systems
  • State analysis of existing plants and planning of optimization and extension if necessary
  • calls for tenders
  • Evaluation of offers
  • Training and workshops on refrigeration and air conditioning, especially for requirements underground


Other industries

  • Conceptional design of special ventilation systems, e.g. for removing or diluting harmful gases and dimensioning the components
  • Conceptual design of special refrigeration plants and dimensioning of required components
  • State analysis of existing special ventilation and cooling systems and planning of optimization and extension
  • Individually tailored trainings

Projects & Customers



Mining and tunnelling

  • The conceptual design and planning of the air-conditioning systems for several construction lots of Lötschberg Basistunnel (Switzerland), Gotthard Basistunnel (Switzerland) and Brenner Basistunnel (Austria, Italy).
  • Conceptual design and planning of the ventilation and air-conditioning system of a Korean mine
  • Conceptual design of several air-conditioning systems for mines in China
  • Safety audits on several coal-mines in Russia
  • Contract research for the mining industry with the topic "Climate, Ventilation, Dust"
  • Climatic calculations for tunnel headings, international (Abu Dhabi, Bolivia, Chile, China, Dubai France, Iran, Peru, Turkey, etc.)
  • Examining the concept and the functions of an escape / rescue container (type related)


Other industries

  • Investigations of refrigeration devices and components in the context of certification programs
  • State analysis, conceptional design and dimensioning of a ventilation system for the removal of harmful vapors
  • Participation in audits to assess ACV (AirConditioning / Ventilation)

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Managing director


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